The Republic

The Republic was designed for those who enjoy being a part of something special, an exclusive group that get to call Texas Gun Club home! Republic members get special access, incredible discounts, and never pay range fees! Period!

The Republic is one-of-a-kind. It provides far more than just a lifetime of shooting sports enjoyment; it provides you with a Shooting Sport Legacy! The Republic is fully transferable and it's good forever. We look forward to our son's and daughters serving yours, a legacy we built together. Pass it on in your will, give it as a gift, it's up to. Worried that you may move one day? No worries if you move or are transferred, we’ll help you sell it.

The Republic Membership is limited to only 100 members making it a very exclusive club. Once they are gone, they’re gone (unless someone decides to sell theirs later, of course). Plus, The Republic is intended to provide you and your family (up to four), with all the perks that you should expect of an exclusive membership.


Republic - A Legacy / Lifetime membership for as low as $12,500.00

These are almost gone!

The Republic Membership is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity plain and simple. We wanted to do something that's never been done before in the indoor shooting sport industry! By making this membership fully transferable, you're getting an incredible value. By purchasing upfront, you're also saving $500 off of the already low Republic Membership. We are serious about only selling 100 of these, we simply can't afford to sell more than that! Get yours and build a legacy!


Republic - Monthly Option (Lifetime / Legacy) 

We know you see the value of The Republic but we also understand that in today's economy, parting with $10,000 can be scary, especially for a new business. We want you to have options so we created a one-time opportunity to purchase the Republic Membership on a monthly plan. For $2500 down, you can experience all the benefits as a Republic member. You'll pay a monthly fee of $125 a month for 60 months. Want to pay it off sooner, no problem, come in and see us and we'll get the terms that work for you!