Ti Training Simulator

Our Firearms Training Simulator & Gunfighter Lab is state-of-the-art in the industry. Made by Ti Training the  Training Simulator, ensures our customers receive the very best in training and entertainment.

The system is perfect for law enforcement agencies and their officers to train on hundreds of use of force scenarios. Want to know what it's like to be a police officer? Give it a go. A wide range of force options from TASER™ to Baton to commonly used firearms are at your disposal. The system offers low-light simulation and multiple participants. We'll even offer a portable solution so we can bring the training to you. 

Just looking for some entertainment? Well the TI Simulator is packed with fun, interactive gaming options like the Gunfighter, Chaos City & Zombie Apocolyps. 


Scenario Driven Training for Law Enforcement and LTC Students

Colorado-based Ti Training, a leader in simulation training for public safety and law enforcement, is proud to be partnering up with many of the top law enforcement agencies, school-safety and active-shooter response experts in the US to create a comprehensive, first-of-it's-kind, law enforcement training programs.

The Gunfighter

On the Ti Entertainment Simulation System you'll be able to stare down bad guys in the Old West. From shoot outs in authentic Western Towns to Single Action Duels, this system will transport you back to the days of gunslingers and cattle wrestlers.

Chaos City

It's mahem on the streets. Immerse yourself into the mean streets of Chaos City and battle the bad guys who are out to get you at every turn. Fight through challenging scenarios with your friends. We guaranty your'll be entertained for hours.

Or you might find yourself facing the Un-Dead in scenarios where you'll be tasked with exterminating hordes of blood drooling, flesh-eating zombies. Who knows, we may even combine the two in a world of Zombie-Cowboys!